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Professional Fireworks Display Services for Weddings

Are you looking for the ultimate personalised Wedding Present! 


  Wedding Reception Firework Display


Eastcoast Fireworks is able to offer you and your partner with a professional fireworks display during your wedding reception as requested. 



The Wow Factor There is quite simply no better way to celebrate your special day than with a spectacular professional wedding fireworks display by Eastcoast Fireworks just for you, which will be an unforgettable surprise for you, your family and guests.  



why us? Eastcoast Fireworks has been providing a whole range of firework displays from Small Fundraisers, Wedding Receptions, to Large Corporate Events for over 17 years, making us the perfect team to deliver a truly memorable and spectacular display for your special occasion.



wedding fireworks designed for you We can design and fire a small surprise firework splash to spectacularly to entertain your guests to a grand fireworks finale that will fill the sky relentlessly from top to bottom. 


Each of our displays are tailored and can incorporate any colour or effects of your choice. We will work with you to create a unique display that is perfectly suited to you or simply leave it up to us and we will design a breathtaking show just for you.



display options It is not duration that counts, but how spectacular the display will be…so the sky really is the limit….as a guide, we recommend:



BRONZE KIWI OPTION - This introductory display is ideal for clients on a limited budget. While very affordable, this display lasts approximately 1 - 2 minutes and includes fountains, roman candles, cakes and spectacular aerial star shell effects @ $2000 + GST.

SILVER KIWI FIREWORKS DISPLAY - Our Silver Kiwi fireworks display delivers twice the amount of effects as our Bronze Kiwi display. This display lasts approximately 3 – 4 minutes and utilises ground-based effects combined with larger star shells, and finishes with a grand finale @ $4000 + GST.



GOLDEN KIWI FIREWORKS DISPLAY – This display delivers two to three times the amount of effects and star shells of the Silver Kiwi display. From the opening salvo to the breathtaking grand finale, this display lasts approximately 4 – 5 minutes of breath taking fireworks with a finale that will leave you speechless @ $6000 + GST.



PLATINUM KIWI FIREWORKS DISPLAY – This is the largest display we offer before moving into a large scale custom display. This display contains a mixture of medium to large scale professional fireworks as well as a number of 12” (300 mm) Star Shells @$10,000 + GST.



CUSTOM WEDDING FIREWORKS DISPLAY – Leave your guests speechless. Enhance a range of special moments during your wedding reception with a custom high impact fireworks display - the sky really is the limit…@$10,000 upward



Please Note - The above options apply within a radius of 100 km of Ongaonga only. Additional cost will apply for transport, accommodation and meals if required for bookings outside of Hawke’s Bay.



SURPRISE service If you want your wedding fireworks to be a COMPLETE SURPRISE, then we can set it up in secret or last-minute to create a spectacular surprise for your guests or even the bride and groom.


Then, on cue, your guests can be ushered outside to witness a stunning fireworks display. We can even include an antique blasting machine to so you and your partner can start the display.


Start your DIsplay Amaze and dazzle your guests during your event by using our antique blasting machine to ignite your stunning outdoor pyrotechnic display, providing a superb photo opportunity for the bride starting the show.

what we supply As a minimum you will receive a customised design and professionally fired fireworks display within the limits of the Venue and the available budget.  Listed below is everything we include in ALL our wedding display packages:


Before the display

  • Skype meeting to discuss your needs and expectations
  • Perform site survey of venue and produce risk assessment
  • Display design, incorporating any of your wishes
  • WorkSafe, ERMA Permit & Consent acquisition
  • Emergency services, WorkSafe, EPACAA notification of the display

On the day

  • The lead firer will liaise with you and your venue
  • Professional display team to set up the fireworks
  • Check that all safety procedures are in place
  •  You can start the display  in style using our antique blasting machine
  •  Clear the site of all fireworks and rake the display site

After your wedding

  • Email you to make sure you were happy with our service

  • Ask you to fill in a customer satisfaction form



What YOU SUPPLY – Meals and refreshments on the evening for a Pyro Crew, and a travel surcharge and accommodation (we don’t mind sharing) if required, for bookings outside of Hawke’s Bay.



health & safety With a 100% incident free safety record, the most important aspect of any firework display is everyone’s safety.  Dealing with explosives means there are always potential hazards for our display team and the general public.  


For this reason, our Pyrotechnician will risk assess the display in accordance with the Worksafe guidelines and enforce any safety measures to ensure your display has been thoroughly planned before the big day.


insurance cover Our company policy and practice is to fully comply with all legislation and firework industry code of practice for safe displays and to guarantee your enjoyment. We hold comprehensive public liability insurance $5,000,000, 365 days a year…so you are well covered!



BOOKINGS If you would like to book us, then please fill out and return the attached “Fireworks Display Booking Form” by email, which will confirm your desired display option (Bronze, Silver or Golden Kiwi) and allow us to send you an invoice.



DEPOSIT Under our normal terms, an invoice for 35% of the total budget will be raised, after it has been paid, the booking will be finalised and we will commence the legislative planning and consent processes.



TESTIMONIALS  Eastcoast Fireworks are very proud of our wedding displays and the service that we offer, but don't just take our word for it. Click HERE for a selection of our exceedingly happy customers.


DOWNLAODS  Please feel free to download our:

So, if you think that a fireworks display might add that special visual entertainment you have been looking for, then:
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