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Experience, Competence, Compliance and Insurance




Our Pyrotechnician and Approved Handler of Pyrotechnics, Fire Captain Simon Osborne is a member of the New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Fireworks Industry Group, and our Firing Crew have considerable practical experience, skills and knowledge relevant to the storage, handling, transport, use and safe handling of outdoor fireworks, many having worked with us for over 5 years.




Public safety is our top concern when planning a fireworks display.  We adhere to very strict guidelines regarding minimum safe distances, fallout areas, exclusions zones and fire hazards. 


Our safety record reflects this commitment. Our Pyrotechnician and Firing Crew have undertaking structured training which includes:


  • Knowing the characteristics and proper use of the various types of fireworks;
  • Understanding the principles and practice of ignition systems;
  • Knowing the principles and practice of setting up, firing and clearing up fireworks, both in relation to operator safety and to the safety of others affected by the activities;
  • Fully understanding the requirements of legislation, regulations and code of practice which apply to the activities of a firework display operator and firework displays;
  • Having received training in setting up, firing and clearing up fireworks from a competent display operator;
  • Having practical experience in setting up, firing and clearing away fireworks under the supervision of a competent EPA Approved Handler of Fireworks;
  • Ensuring that people forming part of a firing team, who do not have this knowledge, training or experience, work under the direct supervision of someone who has.




Eastcoast Fireworks employs quality risk management systems to ensure that fireworks events (also referred to as displays) are conducted and operated only by staff who are fit and competent to do so without creating risks to people, the community or environment. As an Approved Handler of Fireworks we have a legal obligation to:


  • comply with any endorsements and conditions that apply to the Test Certificate
  • comply with the Act, Regulations, and Outdoor Fireworks – Code of Practice;
  • comply with a display risk management plan prepared by the Approved Handler;
  • maintain relevant records as they relate to fireworks events;
  • ensure the operation of fireworks at events are carried out in a safe and secure manner;
  • record and maintain details of any incidents involving fireworks and report same to the Department of Labour.




Health and Safety at fireworks displays is always at the forefront of display designs and is actively improved every year. Eastcoast Fireworks have an exceptional safety record and a great reputation developed through the consistent performance of very safe, spectacular displays.


Since the formation of the company in 2000 Eastcoast Fireworks has never had an accident; much time and effort is put into ensuring that this safety record is maintained.


We are, of course, comprehensively insured, with policies that provide a minimum $10.000.000 public liability insurance.  Eastcoast Fireworks works closely with the venue and event organiser to ensure that correct safety measures are in place at displays. This makes it more enjoyable for the audience and the client as they can relax in the knowledge that every possible risk has been assessed and minimised.


A detailed risk assessment and method statement will be provided for every display after completion of a full site survey. These documents have been recognised for their exceptionally high standard by the New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and Worksafe New Zealand whilst still remaining easy to understand.


Eastcoast Fireworks is committed to staying on the cutting edge of the industry.  It is our goal to provide our clients with an array of unique and exciting features for their display through the use of technology and creativity