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What does a fireworks display cost?

How much does a Professional Fireworks Display cost?


People will often ask, “How much does a fireworks display cost?” Well, that is a lot like asking, “How much does a house cost?”
Every show is different and there are several variables that determine prices, including quantity, quality, and type of product, the intricacy of the show, and labour expenses.
When considering your fireworks budget, it is important to have some general knowledge of what you’re looking for. It is also helpful, and usually necessary, that we see the display location in person so we can determine the type of pyrotechnics that are appropriate for your event and venue.
Once we have an idea of what you're looking for and what is ideal for the location, we can make recommendations and work with you to put together a stunning show that maximizes your budget dollar.
A great fireworks display is more affordable than you might think. Fireworks are also a relative value when you consider the 'WOW - Factor' they have versus other forms of entertainment.



When thinking about how much to spend here is a rough guide to get you started. A Wedding Reception display would cost $2000 + GST depending on location and date, up to, well, the sky's the limit! 



Basically, the more you spend the better the display becomes because fixed costs such as transport, labour and insurance become a smaller proportion of the budget.



So, if you think that a fireworks display, fired by professional Firefighters, might add that special visual entertainment you have been looking for, then:





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