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Protection of People, Property and Environment



Eastcoast Fireworks is known by Councils, the Environmental Protection Authority, the New Zealand Fire Service and other Regulatory authorities as one of the safest pyrotechnic companies working in New Zealand.


We are responsible for the safety of spectators and surrounding property. All equipment used in our displays has been tested and designed to meet the New Zealand Standards for outdoor pyrotechnic displays.


We employ safe work practices and take all practicable steps to eliminate the hazards associated with pyrotechnics or isolate people and property from those hazards pursuant to the Hazardous substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act 1996, the Hazardous Substances (Classes 1 to 5 Controls) Regulations 2001, and the Code of Practice for Outdoor Pyrotechnic Displays (HSNOCOP30-1)


At the conclusion of the display, we conduct a thorough search of the surrounding areas. We also remove all associated materials.


Consents, Approvals and Notifications


We notify all relevant authorities including the:


• Property Owner
• Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)
• Department of Labour (DoL)
• New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS)
• Rural Fire Authority (RFA)
• Department of Conservation (DoC)
• Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or Relevant Air Traffic Control Unit
• Maritime New Zealand
• New Zealand Police
• Regional Councils
• Local Territorial Authorities
• Local Iwi Authorities
• Local Coast Guard




We carry out a letterbox drop to inform surrounding residents or businesses that there is a firework display occurring with details of time, location and noting that the display is approved by the EPA. The wording also includes a reminder to pet owners regarding their pet’s safety and comfort during the display.