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Trainee Pyrotechnician Training Course


Do YOU want to be a Pyrotechnician?


As a Fire Captain, qualified Fire Fighter, Pyrotechnician & EPA Approved Handler Pyrotechnics Simon Osborne believes that well trained and prepared Assistant Pyrotechnicians and Approved Handlers are essential for improving and maintaining safety at firework displays, both for members of the public and firing crew.


To this end, Eastcoast Fireworks in association with Fire & Rescue New Zealand in its capacity as a private Fire Service and Tertiary Education Organisation is developing New Zealand's first NZQA based Trainee Pyrotechnician (Fireworks) course.


The Trainee Pyrotechnician (Fireworks) course is being designed specifically to meet the need for both a “Basic” course covering the skills and knowledge required for anyone wanting to further their interest in pyrotechnics, or even, to train for a career in the Outdoor Pyrotechnics Industry and the Legislative requirements for the storage, transportation, use and operation of Outdoor Pyrotechnics (fireworks).


The proposed course will cover the skills and knowledge required to understand the regulatory requirements, the life cycles and operation of an outdoor fireworks display.


Participants will be issued with a Trainee Pyrotechnician (Fireworks) Log Book which will be used to gather evidence of display experience and to verify that the applicant when making application to the EPA Test Certifier, for an Approved Handlers Certificate for Pyrotechnic Displays and a Controlled Substances Licence for Class 1 Explosives, has the necessary practical experience, in a variety of display environments, to complement their formal training for the award of a Level 1, or Level 2 or Level 3 Approved Handler Test Certificate for Outdoor Pyrotechnic Displays.


Participants that successfully complete the course and gain the relevant unit standards and display experience will be issued with a “Statement of Attainment” issued by Fire & Rescue New Zealand, that can be presented to the EPA Test Certifier, along with their "fireworks display log book" as the first step in the EPA certification process in support of their application for the issue of a Level 1 Approved Handler Test Certificate for Outdoor Pyrotechnic Displays and a Controlled Substances Licence for Class 1 Explosives.


Registration of Interest - Trainee Pyrotechnicians (Fireworks) Course


Please register your expression of interest to participate in Fire & Rescue New Zealand's Trainee Pyrotechnicians course by completing the form below. This is not an enrolment form, you will be contacted to discuss your interest further.

Acknowledgement and Consent - I acknowledge this information may be used for course development, statistical and quality assurance purposes, and give my consent for this to be provided to Fire & Rescue New Zealand, NZQA, EPA and DOL for such purposes.