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Approved Handler Outdoor Pyrotechnics (Level 1) Course


Approved Handler Outdoor Pyrotechnics (Level 1) Course


This training programme is designed for people who wish to gain skills, knowledge and experience to become an Approved Handler Outdoor Pyrotechnics (Level 1). In addition to theoretical learning, you’ll also benefit from hands-on training in rigging, fusing and firing at least six Level 1 outdoor pyrotechnic displays. These skills will provide you with an advantage in the highly competitive field of Pyrotechnicians.


Course Overview


The course covers the theory for the HSNO guidelines, working knowledge of operating equipment used in outdoor pyrotechnic displays, including the preparation and the practical use of pyrotechnics to rig, fuse and fire at least six (6) Level 1 outdoor pyrotechnic displays and one Level 1 outdoor pyrotechnic display as a supervisor.



Course Outcomes


By the end of the course, participants will have acquired skills, knowledge and performance that will enable them to:

  • Manage Health Safety and HSNO requirements at fireworks displays
  • Plan outdoor fireworks displays
  • Operate outdoor fireworks displays


Training Methods


The course is presented with the aid of clear, colourful computer graphic displays, in order to promote the exchange of ideas, the courses are highly interactive and make use of materials such as case studies, videos and questionnaires during information sessions, demonstrations and group workshops.



Distance Learning


Students will receive a CD Rom distance learning resource kit which contain the following learning material:


  • HSNO approved Code of Practice for Outdoor Pyrotechnic Display (HSNOCOP 30-2)
  • Trainee Pyrotechnician (Fireworks) Log Book
  • Outdoor Fireworks Displays Manual
  • Pre & Post Course Assignment


The Pre-Course Assignment must be completed and handed in for marking at least two weeks prior to starting the day one of course. 







Trainees are assessed through a combination of their practical work during the on-site course and with written assessments pre and post course and completion of a log book of their fireworks experience.


Pre-course Component


Prior to the delivery of the on-site component with a duration of 3 days training there is a pre-course component which students are required to complete and bring to class on day one. Students are also required to complete a number of post course assessment tasks and return them for marking within four weeks of the end of the course..


Fireworks Display Log Book

Participants will be issued with a Trainee Pyrotechnician (Fireworks) Log Book which can be used to gather evidence of the necessary practical experience, in a variety of display environments, to complement their formal training for the award of a Level 1, or Level 2 or Level 3 Approved Handler Test Certificate for Outdoor Pyrotechnic Displays.

Statement of Attainment

Upon successful completion of the theory and practical components of the course participants will be issued with a “Certificate and Statement of Attainment” which means they can work with Class 1 Explosives under supervision.

Approved Handler's Accreditation

Graduates will have the skills, knowledge and experience to required when applying for an Approved Handler's Test Certificate for Outdoor Pyrotechnic Displays and a Controlled Substances Licence for Class 1 Explosives, as set out in the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Personnel Qualifications) Regulations 2001 (Regulation 5).



The course will be run from our Rural Fire Station situated at 56 Mill Street, Ongaonga, Central Hawke’s Bay.  Participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements to and from Ongaonga, and should arrive by 0845 am for registration on the first day of the course.



Participants are responsible for their own accommodation, breakfast and evening meals during the training sessions in Ongaonga.

Course Booking

Bookings made by telephone or email are not confirmed until enrolment forms and full payment has been received. Many of our courses tend to be over-subscribed. In these cases, places will be confirmed in the order that enrolment forms and payment are received.

Joining Instructions

Participants will be issued with joining instructions and a timetable for the course once the course fee has been paid and your application has been successfully processed.



To be eligible to enrol in this training programme, participants must be over 18 years of age and be able to complete and pass a Ministry of Justice criminal history record check. Places are limited, so get in quick to secure your spot on the next course!


Student Fees and Billing

The cost, which includes lunch and refreshments, fireworks and Pyrotechnic materials and certificate of attendance is $2500.00 GST Inc. per person.

Payment Options

Eastcoast Fireworks has a range of payment options to help you make great happen. If you are unsure of what's right for you, or just want someone to talk it over with, call us on 06 856 6091. We're here to help.



Registration of Interest - Trainee Pyrotechnicians (Fireworks) Course


Please register your expression of interest to participate in the Trainee Pyrotechnicians (Fireworks) course by completing the form below. This is not an enrolment form; you will be contacted to discuss your interest further.


Acknowledgement and Consent - I acknowledge this information may be used for course development, statistical and quality assurance purposes, and give my consent for this to be provided to Eastcoast Fireworks, EPA and Worksafe for such purposes.